Dear Diary,

Today was the best day ever. I still haven’t recovered from today.

So remember when I said I thought Jenny might be pregnant, because she was actually all strange and secretive? I found out why.
She invited George to her graduation ceremony.
I couldn’t be more mad at her. She kept apologising, and I understood. She didn’t want to be without her parents on such a day. I even promised to be nice enough to sit next to him. He was looking particularly weary. (Heard Monica left him for some rich Australian. Payback is indeed a bitch.)

One thing she also managed to get past me was that she had been made valedictorian. What’s more? She won the bet, the Harvard bet.

I couldn’t contain my emotions when she mounted the podium to deliver her speech. Before she started, she turned to wave at us. She looked nothing like what she’d been through. It wasn’t the makeup. Success truly changes a lot. The lonely days and weary nights had  paid off.
The one thing she said that struck me was, ‘Like my mum says: “Never let the world squeeze you into its mold. Odd is unique, all depends on where you view it from.”’

After the ceremony, she ran into my arms and whispered to me, ‘This is only the beginning. It gets better’.

My favourite part of the day was when she turned to George and said ‘I just wanted you see that how far I’ve come without you.’
You should have seen the look on his face, just priceless.

As usual, I ended this day with tears in eyes, but I’m shedding them for the right reason. I wish I could stop time and bask in this feeling forever.

I hope the days get better as they age. I’m indeed the luckiest mother yet.


The greatest love of all is said to be that a man risks/lays his life for another…
That’s basically what you do. A day in 366 isn’t enough to appreciate what you do.
Although this day may be spent in isolation of your loved ones, you still remain in our hearts.
I hope this meets you in happiness, health, and I wish nothing wipes that smile off your face.

Happy Valentine’s Day…


Dear Me,

Each day I think of you
I’m ever grateful that
Nature has made us to be;
one body, one soul, one spirit
Every word, Every action
isn’t without your best interest at heart
You’re more than a love interest,
more than a crush,
more than a soul mate, you’re always more
It may seem like I have no choice,
but in truth, there’s no one I’d rather be.

Happy Valentine’s Day…

From the one who isn’t selfish in loving you…


ANNITY #031.

Remember when I said I was fine?

It turns out I lied.

I know it seems like I hide a lot,
like I shut you out
but I’d hate to see the worry on your face if you knew

I lie because I will not be able to take it
if you felt a fraction of the hurt I feel
I do not want to burden you with my pain
Understand that I do this to protect you.

ANNITY #025.

Everytime you come around, it’s always bondage for me, but I don’t wanna be free if freedom is devoid of you.
You’re the adhesive that make the bits of me into a whole, so you understand now that being without you would only leave me shattered.

Annity #20.

Why do I do this to me?
I know I would never get you
to want me the way I want you to
I hear this voice repeatedly
telling me it isn’t worth my troubles
I would never be to you
as she is to you
I want to prove it wrong
but I can’t if you won’t comply
Help me disabuse it…

Over the years,  you begin to feel like a zero-dimensional being in a world of endless dimensions, operating constantly in an enclosed space repeatedly, feeling outta place, like a waste of space.

With time to unveil the truth and tell the difference, you begin to feel like Atlas-the weight of the world upon your shoulders, and when you reminisce, it’s glaring that your life isn’t as horrible as you calculated, you underestimated your situation.

With these, you still remain, trying to maintain some sort of equilibrium, when in truth, the world couldn’t be thrown off balance by your departure.

During youth, we feel things, things so intense, we let them cloud our reasoning and judgement, and our future to get through to them.

While struggling, we refuse to acknowledge the realities that are before us, letting future care for herself, hoping to cross the bridge when we get there.

We fail to consider the fact that future is indeed a naive bitch, who, when left to fend for herself, fucks everything up, and when she grows to become the present, leaves us with the consequences.

And the bridge isn’t gonna build itself. We are the ones to build it with our actions, and when we don’t, we arrive to an abyss of regrets and tears…

If we know this, why do we let our sentiments be the undoing of our future?